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Chiropractor Tolland CT Richard Cutting

Chiropractor Richard Cutting D.C.

Dr. Richard Cutting resides in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. After undergoing multiple surgeries for a sports related injury, Dr. Cutting was told he would be forced to live the rest of his life on pain medication. Deciding to take further action, Dr. Cutting turned to chiropractic to find a better way to manage his injuries. 

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After experiencing the dramatic differences from Chiropractic care, Dr. Cutting decided he wanted to pursue his own career as a chiropractor.

Dr. Cutting received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Eastern Connecticut State University in 2009. He continued his education at Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri where he received a Bachelor of Life Sciences in 2010 and his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2012.

Dr. Cutting attends quarterly conferences to further his education in areas such as sports, nutrition, extremity adjusting, pediatrics and neurology. Dr. Cutting is also an active volunteer for the Dan Orlovsky Foundation. Dr. Cutting has treated high profile clients including professional MMA fighters, NFL players, Division 1 college athletes, and the Average Joe! In his spare time he likes to stay active with all sports and exercise, spend time at his lake houses in Northern New England, and hike with his beagle Rocky.

After working in several different clinics, Dr. Cutting decided to move back to the area in which he grew up to open Cutting Edge Chiropractic in Tolland, CT.

Chiropractic Tolland CT Aimee Peloquin Massage Therapist

Aimee Peloquin - Licensed Massage Therapist

As a young girl Aimee was extremely sick and, after seeking the advice of many doctors she remained undiagnosed. After years of not knowing what was causing her this discomfort, she was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. 

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Upon receiving this diagnosis at the age of 17, she was prescribed many different medications to manage her symptoms. She noticed that though these medications helped her, they caused many negative side effects.

After dealing with these side effects for a year she made a decision to take control of her Crohn's rather than let it control her! She began researching alternative and holistic medicine. From the knowledge she gained from this research she applied this to her life and naturally obtained remission.

Aimee's career in Chiropractic began after she experienced a physical trauma. From her treatments, she was able to overcome a shoulder injury, and chronic headaches from whiplash. She then realized the common themes present in alternative medicine and holism were consistent with the Chiropractic lifestyle. Since she enjoys teaching others, she decided to become a Licensed Massage Therapist.

She graduated from Branford Hall Career Institute in 2012, and hasn't looked back! In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing poetry, and is writing a book on her life's journey. She is very active, and loves the outdoors. She obtained her Certified Personal Training certification through the National Academics of Sports Medicine in February 2016. Spirituality, family and friends are very important to her. One of her strongest beliefs is that laughter and a sense of humor are essential!

Chiropractic Tolland CT Catherine Builmette Support Staff

Catherine Guilmette - Support Staff

Catherine grew up in Northern California and has now lived in Connecticut for a number of years. She enjoys exploring New England and learning the history of where she lives. Catherine spends her free time hiking the many trails that Connecticut has to offer, and is looking to expand her hiking adventures to the surrounding New England states.

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In her free time she also like to paint and draw wonderful artistic creations! If you ask nicely, she might show you sometime!

Since she began working at Cutting Edge Chiropractic in Tolland CT, Catherine has seen how life changing chiropractic care can be. She finds it amazing to watch a patient progress through their treatment and leave the office feeling better than when they first stepped in!

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